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The Kingdom of God

One of Jesus' main topics was the Kingdom of God, but what did He mean when He was teaching about this? Why does Mark 1:14 use the term "the gospel of the kingdom of God", and why did Jesus and John preach repentance when they preached about the Kingdom of God? These are Questions Ronald Gabrielsen is addressing in this teaching.


In Matthew 13 Jesus tells several parables that teach us some important truths about the Christian life. Two of them center around the theme “The Kingdom of God”.

A call to leadership

We are all called to exercise leadership, both in our own lives and in our surroundings. To do this God has given us some amazing tools, that sadly many people don't really use. In this teaching, Ronald teaches about some of the gifts God has given us to influence society around us.

remain in christ

God wants us to bear fruit, but He does not expect us to produce the fruit. The branch bears fruit because it is connected to the trunk, and in the same way we will bear fruit when we are connected to our “life-source” — Jesus Christ. Many Christians fail, because they try to produce the fruit themselves, but this is not the will of God. Spiritual fruit will come naturally in your life, when you make sure to stay connected to Him.

The power of a right identity

What image comes to your mind when you are asked: "Who are you?". Many are not aware of it, but how we view ourselves will have a massive impact on our lives and spiritual growth. Israel people failed to enter the promised land — not because God did not want to give it to them, but because they had a "grasshopper-mentality." In the same way, there can be blessings God has for you that you will miss if you don't learn the power of having the right identity.

The last days outpouring

The first session in a series of teaching on the Holy Spirit and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Ronald Gabrielsen is showing the according to the Bible the time we are living in now is a time where God wants to pour out His Spirit on all people, but in order for us to experience it we need to re-aline our hearts so that we are ready for what God wants to do.

It started with an outpouring

It started with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that turned a scared group of disciples into bold witnesses for Jesus, willing to die for their faith. This turning-point in Acts chapter 2, empowered them to impact their surroundings everywhere they went . When we no longer have an impact on our surroundings, it is a clear sign that we need a new encounter with the Holy Spirit.

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