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Are you a Jesus lover? Or maybe you have never got to have a personal relationship with Jesus? Or you used to be on fire for Jesus and then lost it along the way? In John 10:10 The bible says, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Jesus has come to RESTORE His people.

Child of God! Do you feel like you are destined for greatness, but everything always seems to weigh you down? Do you feel like you have a call of God on your life but the enemy is trying any means possible to suffocate it?  Do you see that in your family there is the premature death of things and certain bloodline patterns that are not from God and you just want God to use you as the generational breaker? Are you facing any type of addiction and you just want Jesus to set you free? 

Are you weighed down from all sides with sickness and do you believe in God for your healing? Do you put up a smile and act strong and yet you are  broken both from the inside?  Do you constantly think maybe dying is better here and there and sometimes feel like just ending it all? Do you have a desire to also help others going through the same things you suffered and that Jesus delivered you from and still yet to be delivered from? Do you just appreciate what God did for you by the reason of the cross and since He died for you, you just want to die for Him and live for Him as well?


  If you fit in any of these then  Revival Is Now is the best place to be! A place full of praises such that God’s glory coming down is just inevitable. Through the Word, Prayer, and Worship, God has made it impossible for His creation to become strangers to Him. God desires for His children to encounter Him, to experience the supernatural, to encounter their purpose giver, to have Jesus revealed to them,  to be REVIVED, to be totally set free indeed! To be set on fire and burn for Him, to be made different and be consecrated for Him, to live in holiness and purity, to take their position in Christ and possess the mind of Christ, to slay giants, to live a victorious life that Christ Himself has destined for us even before the foundations of the earth,  to make Jesus’  vision their vision, to experience healing, deliverance, restoration, and miracles, to learn God’s commands and obey them for loving Him is not just emotional or in words but it’s operational, to create a family and body of Christ from all denominations, Not just a body but a crucified body of Christ, to spread our light and be faithful ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.


God didn’t want age, race, language, social class, or background to be a barrier and hence God Himself created REVIVAL IS NOW. A home for everyone, with a doorpost written:





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