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Love Ukraine

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In the midst of the tragic war that is going on right now, it is amazing to see the willingness people from all over the world have when it comes to helping. Many are contacting us, and we are trying our best to organize the volunteers in the best possible way. If you would like to volunteer, then please contact us by filling out the form below. We will then get back to you as soon as we can.


One of the best ways to help is to support financially, and you can do that using the following info.


  • Account number: PL 93 1870 1045 2078 1069 0608 0001

  • Euro Account: PL 66 1870 1045 2078 1069 0608 0002
    (This uses the same SWIFT/BIC)

to know

Because of how rapid and unexpected this situation came, we hope that those who want to volunteer understand that our capacity is limited when it comes to hosting people. This means that if you would like to volunteer you will have to arrange your own stay. There are many hotels, hostels or motels in this area, so if you go to you can quickly find something.

The situation is now very dynamic and things are changing very fast. Therefore those who come will have to have a servant attitude and be flexible when it comes to what help is needed.

In the "Write here" field in the form, make sure to include information like a short description of yourself, if there is a team coming with you (if so, then how many), and whom you are affiliated with (church, organization, etc.). 


Thanks for submitting!

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